Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life imitates art - the Up balloon house

I loved the fantasy and heart found in Pixar's movie Up. What a treat it was to see that a team from National Geographic engineered a way to make the fantasy reality.

With the help of volunteers they built a lightweight house, attached a bunch of ginormous helium balloons, and let two brave souls fly their creation 10,000 feet into the air!

I find so much hope in this project. You really can imagine anything and with the right resources and determination, make it happen. That's a wonderful message to carry with me to my studio today.


  1. This is just so great!! I loved the movie UP and what fun it is to see this wonderful scene come alive again by clever creative minds. Thanks for posting it otherwise I would have missed seeing it!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I really do have a good time finding videos and sites to share. :)


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