Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Link of the day - Chris Sauter

Chris Sauter from Mark & Angela Walley on Vimeo.

I skipped across this feature of Chris Sauter's work and was entranced. I so empathize about the pain he goes through during creation! Sometimes its only the promise of the result that keeps me going.

His juxtapositions are also sublime - the patterns of our universe from the tiny to the expansive being made of the same stuff, the literal framework of our world. I love it!

This feature was gorgeously created by filmmakers Mark & Angela Walley. Be sure to check out the rest of the art films on their channel, sooo worth watching.


  1. Really cool art installations. She just didn't want to let go of that piece.

    I just wanted to say Hi, I found your blog on Etsy and I'm following. I'm at

  2. Imagine if she dropped it after all of that work!

    Hi! :) So glad to have you here. I've got your blog in my feed reader, and I'm following you on Twitter!

  3. Wow this was amazing... I found this, because my name is Chris Sauter too.. we're both artists!! though i'm on the musical end... What an excellent video though.. I felt very connected to it.. i'm sure the name enhanced it a little.. haha

  4. How fun! There is an instant kinship with folk that share our name. I found someone on FB with my exact name too, and added her even though we'd never met. ;)

    I hope your album is a huge success!


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